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Frequently Asked Questions

Our priority is to make sure that we help you address the condition of the item(s) that you want cleaned. Here are some question you may have…Click the question to reveal our answer.

About Carpet Cleaning:

Leo’s Dry Carpet Cleaning uses a revolutionary, low moisture carpet cleaning method that thoroughly cleans your carpets, dry quickly, and allows your carpets to stay clean longer . It encapsulates and removes dirt and soil from deep in the base of carpets all while allowing our customers the use of their carpets in under one hour. Our Dry Carpet Cleaning method is environmentally and allergy-friendly, as well as safe for children and pets. 

It is usually recommended to hire professional carpet cleaning company to remove the deep-seated dirt and ensure no damage is done to the fibers.  Once you hire the professional cleaners it is possible to restore the originality of carpet.

The deep cleaning method can surely improve the lifespan of a carpet while making it fresh and clean.

Littles ones sometimes spill juice or tear through the house with muddy shoes after playing outside. Sound familiar? If so, clean your high-traffic carpet every six to 12 months.

For Pet Owners: A major factor in when you should clean your carpet is whether you have any furry friends. Muddy paw prints, loose hair, and accidents are a carpet’s worst enemies, so you must take cleaning your carpet seriously.


Before Your Carpet Cleaning:

When it comes to maintaining your carpet, the most critical areas of focus are high-traffic areas. If vacuuming is neglected, then sand, dirt, and other dry soils can attach to carpet fibers and settle on the base of the carpet. Over time, these abrasive granules cut and wear excessively on the fibers as you walk back and forth across them, even if you can’t see them. Vacuum your carpet often – at least once or twice per week – to avoid premature wear.

Small items such as children’s toys, pet beds, clothes, shoes and rugs should be picked up before we arrive. We also recommend vacuuming to remove pet hair and other noticeable debris so you can get the most out of your carpet cleaning (our vacuums are designed for removing liquids and soils, and not for picking up hair or large refuse). Furniture should be moved out of the areas that you are having serviced – we will clean around any furniture that is left in place. We also recommend temporarily moving any breakables like picture frames or glass decorations to a safe location.

Be sure to point out any specific areas of concern to your technician while he is doing his pre-inspection. If you know where certain stains are – such as pet potty spots or bleach spills – this information will help your technician determine the appropriate cleaning or repair methods to use on different areas. 

Pet Issues:

Though we have a high success rate of removing light to moderate pet odor issues, we cannot guarantee that extreme pet damage can be completely eliminated with Dry Carpet Cleaning process.

If urine has soaked into the carpet padding or sub flooring (i.e. if a pet has gone in the same spot over and over again for a long time), it may need to be completely replaced to eliminate the foul smell. In such severe circumstances, there is very little that any kind of carpet cleaning can do about pet odor. Our certified carpet technicians are trained to identify these cases, and give you recommendations on what to do next.

While a carpet cleaning may certainly help with getting rid of fleas, we cannot guarantee that it will eliminate of all of them. Our recommendation is to call an exterminator before having your carpets cleaned.

Keep in mind that carpets are not the only place that fleas and other pests like to lay eggs. 

After Your Carpet Cleaning:

Your carpets will dry within about 1 hour.   Most customers get to use their carpets by the time we leave.

You will be able to walk on your carpet within about 1 hour (as soon as it’s dry).

Your carpets will be ready for use within about 1 hour (as soon as it’s dry).

In our technique, spots and stains don’t come back.

We properly treat the stains with a speciality product and we remove the stain out of the carpet.

In your traditional wet carpet cleaning or steam carpet cleaning that is the number one problem: Customers complain about stains coming back.

Because when you get a steam cleaning, they use a heavy, pressure washer that pushes the stains deep into the carpet. And when the carpets dry, it sits for 6-10 hours or sometimes even longer. Now they did not properly remove the spot because they cannot suck up all of the water that they pushed down into the carpets. The carpets when they dry, they dry up and now you basically stained the back of the carpet. Now the stain can wick back up to the surface.

You see a lot of traditional carpet cleaners say “If spots come back. We come back”. Well, that just tells me that spots come back a lot.

In our method, spots and stains don’t come back.

If we can’t get a stain or a spot out, then nobody can.

There are certain circumstances. Time is always a factor on stains and spots. It depends what it is and how the spot was treated before we arrived. We’ll inspect the spot and let you know if we are able to remove the stain or not.

Clean Carpets Contribute to a Healthier Environment

Some of the dust and allergens that get trapped in the carpet fibers may find their way into the breathing air where they can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and other health problems. Carpet cleaning removes debris and allergens so that they are no longer a health threat.